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Shipping and FAQ

Can you hold an item for me?

Sorry! We don't hold items :( Most items will be restocked at a future time if you miss out or need to purchase at a later time!
Limited items will not be restocked and will be gone once sold out.

I saw this item at a convention will you be selling this online?

We will not have everything available online due to constraints of stock quantities, time or space. We do everything in our apartment which limits us to what we can and can't do!

Some items will only be available in person at conventions for the time being.

How often do you ship items out?

We make it a goal to ship items out at least twice a week. Usually Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.

If we have the store open for a limited time we usually try to get all orders done ASAP, please give us a few days!

When can I expect to receive my purchase?

If you are in the United States your item should arrive between 2-5 days AFTER being shipped out. You will be notified with a tracking number when we have sent your item to you!

If you are outside of the US orders usually take somewhere between 2-5 weeks. If you are worried about your order please email with any inquiry and I'll get back to you.

My country isn't listed, can you ship to _______?

If your country isn't listed please contact me to add it as an option and I will do my best to add it ASAP.

Please note all international order shipping costs will be $15 USD.

Why is your shipping so expensive!

Shipping is expensive! These are the prices given to me by USPS and therefore are the prices I have to charge.

The packing and the labor it takes to prepare everyone's orders for shipping also takes a very long time. We usually spend quite a few hours over the course of several days getting everyone's packages out! All these costs are accounted for in the shipping price.