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Halloween Herokids stickers


Image of Halloween Herokids stickers

When ordering a FULL SET you may ask to switch out a maximum of 5 different characters! This is to help anyone who may be doing a group order!

Example: Switch out Mina sticker for extra Deku Sticker

Use these discounts when ordering multiple items!

8% off any purchase of $35 with code MATCHA
12% off any purchase of $75 with code JASMINE
15% off any purchase of $150 with code EARLGREY

PLS NOTE: WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY SHIPPING TO THE UNITED KINGDOM!!!!!! (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) Ginger and Lyra have not had time to review all the VAT requirements nor have we gotten a tax ID. We would like to ship there in the future, possibly through Etsy. Any purchases made WILL be refunded, I am incredibly sorry for the inconvenience.